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Storeytime Tots

 language focused play groups led by Mika Storey - a mama of two, and certified speech-language pathologist. Summertime play group coming soon!

Kids Blowing Bubbles

Hi friends!

Storeytime Tots is a 1-hour language focused play group for children 1-4 years of age. Shared book reading, play-based learning, and parent education are three areas I am most passionate about. These areas have been proven to support the speech and language skills of all children. Storeytime Tots is a specialized, interactive, play group that combines all three.

The purpose of Storeytime Tots is to provide families in our community a space to connect, play, and learn new ways to support the communication skills of their children. We begin with a shared book reading then transition into small play stations. There are no rules and no time limit to how long you stay at each station. I encourage child-led play. This means you go where your child goes. You interact with the toys at the station your child is interested in the most.  Functional vocabulary and simple strategies to implement at each station will be provided.  


I want your child to have fun but I want you, the caregiver, to learn. During the play portion of your group, I will float to each station to model language strategies, provide support, and interact with you and your little ones.

When our play stations conclude we will gather for circle time, recap, and a short Q&A.


I hope to see you there!


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